Xtreme Addict Tanks Core i7 5820K - First to Go Below 3 Minute Mark in GPUPI for CPU 1B with CPU at 6.1 GHz

So when we did the write-up on Steponz' 13K Fire Strike Extreme earlier today, we mentioned Xtreme Addict being one of the very few who achieved 13K or more with a single GPU. Naturally we wanted to know what the potato master was up to recently. Just seconds before we hit up his profile, the Polish overclocker took the Global First Place in GPUPI for CPU - 1B 6xCPU.

With a Core i7 5820K clocked at 6.1 GHz the man whose origins lie in a country that has a white and red colored flag (not Singapore!) sets a new number one result with 2 minutes and 59.888 seconds. That's an entire second faster than the number two in the list, Dhenzjhen, and 1.3 seconds faster than Naruto80. Xtreme Addict pairs this monster of a CPU (batch L511C505) with an ASUS Rampage V Extreme motherboard and some special HyperX DDR4 memory.

Nice stuff! For more information, check out Xtreme Addict's submission HERE.

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