Hicookie Breaks DDR4-4800 Barrier with GIGABYTE Z170X-SOC Force and G.SKILL memory

We mentioned the previous record of Chi-Kui Lam in our Skylake Launch Day overview about a week ago. Based on his initial result and what we know from Skylake, it appears memory frequency is going to be a big thing again in the coming months (and years). First of all, the problems we have on Haswell and Haswell-E in terms of validation are not present, which is a huge step forward for the overclocking communtiy.

In a validation result submitted to the CPU-Z database and HWBOT database, Hicookie shows the DDR4-4800 barrier breached by 38 MHz using the GIGABYTE Z170X-SOC Force and G.SKILL DDR4 memory. We haven't seen too many results with GIGABYTE's overclocking motherboard, but pictures of the board were leaked a while back. G.SKILL seems to have their act together on Skylake for DDR4, having launched not only DDR4-4000 spec'd Trident Z in the pipeline.

Pretty impressive so far, and we still have new ICs coming very soon. I feel like Skylake might soon turn in to a 5G/5G/5G low-clock challenge! Check out the submission page HERE.

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