"Overclocking tools for Nvidia GPUs suck, I made my own" (it's difficult to find a better title)

Last night Borandi from AnandTech linked me to this interesting blog post from "2pkaqwtuqm2q7djg" (or someone who probably wants to remain anonymous).

The blog posts is a response to what the author clearly describes as abysmal Nvidia overclocking software provided by all the major industry players. Sure, the current generation of overclocking tools aren't as horrendous as they used to be (here's a challenge: who can find the worst one?) but still; most are fairly colorful and not very to the point. Don't take my word for it, this is quoting the author: "Let’s be honest here, the main contenders offenders would make the eyes of any sane person bleed instantly."

Long story short, the blog poster went on a mission to create his own software and with the help of a leaked version of the NVAPI he managed to get things working. We'll cross-post the relevant content of the StackOverflow post in the first post of the forum thread linked to this article. The result is pretty cool! Using nothing more than a command interface, you can enter the clock frequencies you want to set your graphics to.

Oh, and the best thing of all? The source code of the application carries a "DO WHAT THE F* YOU WANT TO PUBLIC LICENSE". Check out the blog post here and the source code download here (rename to overclock.exe). Enjoy!

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