Probably Most Comprehensive VGA OC Guide Ever: Uncorking the EVGA GeForce GTX 980 Ti KPE

The Kingpincooling forum is the home of EVGA's in-house overclockers and all-round performance enthusiasts TiN and K|ngp|n. On the forums you can find pretty much anything you need for overclocking EVGA hardware. On special occasions you'll find so-called "super-guides" or "uncorking guides" which tell you everything you need to know about pushing a particular piece of hardware.

The Uncorking guide for the EVGA GeForce GTX 980 Ti KPE published yesterday is probably the best overclocking guide published on this generation's GeForce graphics cards. It has everything! Do you want to know how to overclocking on air? It's there. Are you maybe interested in BIOS and tools for extreme overclocking? Yup, it's there. Do you need specifics on LN2 scaling? YES, it's there. Do you want to use your Raspberry Pi for voltage control? YES IT'S THERE!

The article is a piece of art and a must-read for everyone overclocking the GeForce GTX 980 Ti, even if it's not an EVGA K|ngp|n Edition card. Hopefully we can see other vendors produce similar community supporting guides for overclocking, and even if it's only half as good as this one it would be fantastic in our eyes.

Check out the article, pictures, guides, the PDF version, or simply give praise in the thread over at

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