GIGABYTE Ready for Skylake with Z170-SOC Force

Yeah! The orange board is back!

On, a website run by our overclocking friend ZolKoRn, we find a couple of interesting pictures of the upcoming Z170-SOC Force motherboard by GIGABYTE. Once again the overclocking comes in orange from the GIGABYTE camp. The board features a ton of new features, most of which are to be detailed and disclosed closer to the launch of Skylake in two weeks on the 5th of August at Gamescom in Germany.

Amongst other stuff we find the board equipped with a water cooled VRM, an appropriately named OC Touch area with all the overclocking buttons and dials we need, two USB and one 6-pin power connected at the bottom of the board for easy access during extreme OC, an OC Ignite button at the back plate area and of course a nicely designed OC logo on the heatsink.

Pricing, availability, performance, and overclocking capabilities remain to be disclosed. But based on the early CPU-Z validation leaks it looks like Skylake will at least be ready for extreme overclocking!

For more pictures and details, check out the Thai website

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