The Overclocker #34 Revisited: Interview with Hivizman, HWBOT Q1 Report, "To The Future and Beyond" with OC

Another victim of our recent spree of news-we-covered-too-late is the latest edition of The Overclocker magazine. The online and freely available magazine covers topics on overclocking ranging from insightful editorials to interviews, from hardware reviews to even featured games. It's probably the only available magazine dedicated to overclocking and its community.

In the thirty-fourth production spin publishing, The Overclocker interviews one of UK's most prominent members of the overclocking community: HivizMan. HivizMan has very recently been the driving force behind the MSI OC Academy UK Tour and sparked an interesting discussion on his home forum about the future of competitive (Benching must change or it will die). We also find a report on the HWBOT 2015 Q1 figures publised last quarter, reviews of the GeForce GTX 980 K|ngp|n Edition, the G.SKILL Phoenix Blade PCIe SSD, and so much more.

We strongly recommend checking out the magazine at If not for all the aforementioned blast of content, then for the editorial on the future of overclocking titled "To The Future and Beyond" on pages 16-19.

Click on the image on your left hand side or, in case you hate clicking on images in particular embedded on the left-hand side, here.

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