Poll: Discontinue Obsolete 2D Beta Benchmarks

In a recent audit of the beta benchmark applications by the staff, we found 5 benchmarks which can be considered obsolete. In the poll which you can find in the sidebar on the front page you can vote for which beta benchmarks you would like to see archived. The archiving process is similar to how we discontinued SiSoft Sandra a long, lo-o-ong time ago. It disables submit functionality and strips any submissions from ranking and cups. The benchmarks are Processing Power, 3DPM-MT and 3DPM-ST, FryBench, Hyper PI 32M, and Multi Threaded PI.

We look forward to hearing your input on the future of the benchmarks at HWBOT. As always, please try to keep the discussion civil and polite. To help you understand why the staff found the benchmarks obsolute, here is a brief explanation.

  • Processing Power: really irrelevant benchmark in terms of code. Buggy as well (it's possible to grab WR with a single-core cpu made 5 years ago)
  • 3DPM-MT/ST: no score variety and source code lost so no future updates ever
  • FryBench: we already have 3 Cinebenches, this one brings nothing new other than taking 2-3 times more to complete.
  • HyperPi: it's essentially SuperPI + 1 second because everyone is running single thread
  • Multi threaded Pi: everyone runs it single thread

The poll runs from today until the 6th of July. Note that although we are interested in your opinion, this is not a binding vote. You can vote for as many benchmarks as you like.

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