... but is brought back down by Steponz' 2x Global First Place

Author: Massman

In the world of overclocking everything happens faster than in the normal world. Fame and glory, and especially records and ranks, flee with the wind as the top crop of the overclocking scene push each other to produce better scores. Just a few minutes ago TheMadDutchDude published his content on 8 Pack taking back the crown in the Overclockers League and we have to make a note that the situation has changed once more.

Yesterday Steponz (USA) put up two new top-class results in the Fire Strike and Catzilla 720P 2xGPU global rankings. Both results are a Global First Place in their respective category and push down 8 Pack from his first spot in the League to second, surpassed by Dancop. Steponz' two GeForce GTX Titan X graphics cards are pushed way past 2GHz core frequency, and it remains to see if 8 Pack can come back from this push.

Steponz' system is powered by 5794 MHz 8-core Core i7 5960X mounted on the GIGABYTE X99-SOC Champion motherboard. Accompanying the top of the line components is a kit of Kingston memory clocked at DDR4-3090 C11-13-15-15. We look forward to seeing what Steponz is able to squeeze out of the system as he tackles other benchmarks. Good luck!

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