GPUPI 2.1 Released: 64bit and Legacy, Support for Win8, Saving Datafile

Two weeks ago we launched the new GPUPI benchmark in cooperation with The new benchmark features both CPU and GPU benchmark tests and resembles the good old SuperPI interface. The stream of new submissions followed suit and based on the feedback from the community, a new version was released three days ago.

The most important changes are of course the introduction of a 64bit and legacy version for respectively optimal performance and compatibility with older hardware configurations. We are also very pleased that GPUPI V2.1 now supports Windows 8 and up as it detects the timer used for the benchmark time-stamp. Lastly, it is now possible to save your benchmark result in a datafile and upload it later. In particular the 64bit version, in combination with Intel's latest drivers, will result in a significant performance boost. This is the reason why some community members hinted that the older version of GPUPI had better performance; an experimental v1.2 64bit beta was available.

Because the datafile offers superior security compared to a screenshot, a datafile will be MANDATORY from May 3, 2015 forward. If you have scores with GPUPI V2.0 with just a screenshot as validation proof, please submit them before this date. After May 3, no scores without the datafile will be accepted for submission. From May 3, 2015, GPUPI V2.1 will be the ONLY allowed version for submissions.

Downloads: GPUPI 2.1< and GPUPI 2.1 - Legacy Version

For more information regarding GPUPI V2.1, check out the following links:

  • GPUPI - SuperPI on the GPU Forum Thread: click
  • GPUPI 2.1 Announcement at click
  • GPUPI: International support thread at click

You can find the full changelog below


  • 64 bit version to allow 64 bit hardware and drivers to use their full potential (GPUPI_x64.exe).
  • New time measurement using QPC if available and RTC as fallback for Windows 7/XP.
  • HWBOT submissions can now be saved as data file to disk and submitted later.
  • HWBOT submission supports skipping of CPU/GPU (for detection errors) and allows erroneous submissions to be updated manually when needed. Therefor the pure manual submission of scores will be disabled again, because it's the most secure way.
  • Legacy version compiled with Visual Studio 2012 (Update 4) and CUDA toolkit 6.0. It has CUDA and OpenCL support for Windows XP and allows GeForce 200 series cards (CUDA capability 1.3) to run the benchmark. The Legacy version is slower than the default executables and should only be used if necessary!
  • Detects ~50 AMD graphics cards now (about 30 more than 2.0) including R9 300 family.
  • Automatic window resizing after a benchmark run to avoid cutting off statistics or the result. It's only done if necessary and helps especially multi GPU results.
  • Adds a watermark to invalid results to easily distinguish them from successful runs.
  • Ctrl+A now selects all text in output window.
  • Added support for UNICODE file paths for logging and configuration.
  • Hardware detection fixed for Xeon CPUs, AMD HD 7770/7750/7730 and Core 2 Duos/Quads.
  • Reduced the executable file sizes by removing unnecessary source code and several dependencies

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