EK Water Blocks Covers Turrican Memorial Challenge Results

EK Water Blocks posted a news article covering the winners and results of the Turrican Memorial Challenge. The competition was hosted by Overclockers.at at HWBOT/OC-ESPORTS to commemorate Turrican after his passing last year. EK Water Blocks as well as Noctua provided prizes for the winning submissions in the competition.

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About the competition: Karl’s passing in September came as a shock - Turrican was an incredible force at HWBOT, and a loved member of the Overclockers.at community. Together with OC.AT, HWBOT hosted the Turrican Memorial Charity Challenge in memory of Karl-Christian Guggi, also known as Turrican or Hardware Terminator. The purpose of this competition was to raise funds for St. Anna Kinderspital, a children’s hospital in Austria as well as to honor the memory of Karl. Noctua offered to donate EUR €1 for each competitor joining the Turrican Memorial Challenge and together with EKWB arranged a couple of prizes.

The participants were competing for highest GPUPI 1B scores, which were submitted to HWBOT.org with some rules enforced limitations to make this competition more appealing to the tech-saavy crowd. This competition was an online event and was open to everyone. One could participate by making a submission during the competition. Participants could compete from all around the world and make submissions online. Each stage was awarded points and was considered a separate competition. The winner of each stage was the competitor who gained most points.

The competition consisted of two main stages (a GPUPI 1B GPU stage and a CPU stage), the latter with a twist as the results were sorted by the release date - the oldest processor with the highest score won. GPUPI 1B stage was a classic all-out battle where we also saw extremely overclocked graphics cards, cooled by liquid nitrogen. For detailed limitation list please see each stage description. The contest, which was co-sponsored by EK Water Blocks, started on Junuary 19th and run until February 28th.

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