The Stilt Adds Steamroller Support in BDC V1.03B Update

Way back when AMD launched their Bulldozer architecture, AMD overclockers were disappointed by BD's performance in the old yet competitive X87 benchmark. The architecture was slow - much slower than its predecessor architectures - and it was frustrating to see >7GHz results ending up slower than the fastest Phenom II results.

The Stilt, a long-standing Finnish overclocker/hacker/tweaker, figure out some of the performance issues and released a small piece of software he named Bulldozer Conditioner. To not frustrate you with the technical details, in practice the conditioner gives your AMD hardware a nice boost primarily for SuperPI but also other X87 applications.

Five days ago, The Stilt released a new version of the Bulldozer Conditioner: V1.03B. The new version adds support for Steamroller, Kaveri, and Drago.

You can find the forum post here, the download here, and a mirror of the download on the HWBOT servers here.

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