HWBOT V5.16.4 Released: 27 Improvements, Fixes, and Updates

Last night we released a new version of the HWBOT core. The engine is now running V5.16.4, a version which includes a lot of bug-fixes and minor feature updates. For more information, refer to the change-log below.


  • [HWBOT-1634] - StackOverflowError on Submission
  • [HWBOT-1639] - Contest ranked by cpu release date label incorrect
  • [HWBOT-1661] - User points and achievements not updating anymore
  • [HWBOT-1664] - OC-ESPORTS contest_benchmark_type 10/27 not showing points in overall ranking
  • [HWBOT-1665] - Points not updating


  • [HWBOT-1628] - HCE: contest_benchmark.ranking_type for new Novice competition
  • [HWBOT-1650] - Contest ranking by date, also show day
  • [HWBOT-1655] - Prepare ASUS premium move
  • [HWBOT-1660] - Fix contest_benchmark.type=19 for upcoming competition
  • [HWBOT-1666] - Rank Turrican challenge by release_date then score, then result.date
  • [HWBOT-1678] - Move "never show this popup" to below on competition suggestion popup


  • [HWBOT-881] - API: update document the generic benchmark API
  • [HWBOT-1625] - Stop sending instant email notification of reported scores
  • [HWBOT-1637] - Rookie Rumble 13 Page Not Working
  • [HWBOT-1638] - HyperX HOT Scoreboard for HWBOT
  • [HWBOT-1646] - Add Our Stories link at homepage footer
  • [HWBOT-1648] - HCE: allow grouping of CPU_model
  • [HWBOT-1649] - HCE: videocard exclusion
  • [HWBOT-1656] - Database migration Amazon to faster server and MySQL 5.6
  • [HWBOT-1658] - Deleting incorrect submission has no impact on esports official world ranking points
  • [HWBOT-1659] - HWBOT Points incorrect after esports worldwide oc points installed
  • [HWBOT-1667] - Commenting on front page articles is broken
  • [HWBOT-1668] - HCE Contest Type: 3 best stages contribute to contest ranking
  • [HWBOT-1670] - release work

  • Sub Task

    • [HWBOT-1629] - Average of 3 scores using unique CPU model divided by core count
    • [HWBOT-1630] - Average of 3 scores using unique memory
    • [HWBOT-1631] - Average of 3 scores using unique GPU model divided by effective_cores

    A lot of the items listed we pushed to production already, but is now also officially released. We continue to work on improving the HWBOT experience, so if you have any suggestions or find any problems when navigating the site, feel free to drop us a message in the forum!

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