HWBOT Upgrade to v.5.16.3: 12 Features, Patches, and Bugs

With this news post we want to inform you we have upgrade HWBOT to v5.16.3. The new production release includes 12 new features, patches, and bug-fixes. We will shortly also release a new version of the OC-ESPORTS platform, but more on that later this month.

In the new v5.16.3 release you can find new features like the addition of the All-In-One cooling option. We've updated the French translation on our test site. We've also fixed a bug that allowed bots to pass our security. You can find a full release list below.


  • HWBOT-1616: XTU Cannot Upload
  • HWBOT-1617: Mail.jsp not working: cannot send out emails
  • HWBOT-1627: Rankings page broken


  • HWBOT-1541: Change Add benchmark to Host Benchmark
  • HWBOT-1600: Add All-in-one cooling option
  • HWBOT-1609: Tweak competition pop up so it doesn't allow for old submissions to be linked to new competitions
  • HWBOT-1612: Description field limited to 500 characters; blank page if user exceeds that
  • HWBOT-1613: Update French translations
  • HWBOT-1620: HCE: cpu_model.release_date ranking


  • HWBOT-1563: HCE: add submission date limitation
  • HWBOT-1602: Query with list of scores that were #1 in their ranking during a certain period
  • HWBOT-1607: Release work
  • HWBOT-1618: Bots passing registration security

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