OC-ESPORTS v1.2.0 Released: Major Speed Improvement, Ongoing Competitions on Front Page, and more

The third version update of our three projects just moved to production as well! After the release of HWBOT Prime V1.1.0 and HWBOT V5.16.2, the development team finished OC-ESPORTS V1.2.0.

The most noticeable updates included in the new version are two major items of feedback we received in the past couple of weeks: 1) a dramatic browsing speed increase, and 2) a list of ongoing competitions on the front page. The full list of bug fixes and improvements can be found below.

We hope you like our work. As always, if you have any feedback feel free to drop a message below!


  • HWBESPORT-123: Highlight ongoing competitions on the front page
  • HWBESPORT-138: General speed improvements for content heavy pages
  • HWBESPORT-161: Spike: SEO optimization


  • HWBESPORT-143: Front page additions: highlight on-going competitions (design)


  • HWBESPORT-153: Clicking home does not close menu

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