Bug Achievement "Submit a result with 64GB or more of GSKILL memory" Fixed

A community member by the name of Woomack pointed out that the achievement "Submit a result with 64GB or more of GSKILL memory" was not working properly. We located the issue this morning and issued a fix. Future 64GB+ submissions should be awarded the achievement automatically and we have manually awarded the achievement to those who earn it based on past submissions.

Check out the achievement page for more information: click.


United States Bones says:

Believe there is still a bug - I have never made a submission with 64GB's of RAM yet I received the achievement.

Not wanting to claim anything I haven't earned so it needs to be removed from my profile.

Belgium Massman says:

Fixed. Apologies for the accidental appraisal :p

United States Bones says:

Annnndddd it's back!!!!

You're really insistent on giving me that aren't you?

Belgium Massman says:

This is the culprit: http://hwbot.org/submission/2634928. Says 81921MB of G.SKILL memory :D. Let me fix that (again)

Belgium Massman says:

Fixed :)

United States Bones says:


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