Dancop and BenchBros Win ASUS Open Overclocking Cup 2014 Final!

Belgium Massman says:

Very strong results!!

Germany Nik says:


Indonesia Lucky_n00b says:

Strong Result! Congrats!!

Germany Bullshooter says:

Congratz Guys, good Job.

Russian Federation DartMaul says:

Retail CPUs used for this comp had too much different potential.

France dx4picco says:

to bad frenchies had so much vga issues

South Africa Vivi says:

Welldone guys!!! Well deserved. Practise payed off

Romania Monstru says:

Nice results, congrats!

Australia SniperOZ says:

well done guys

Germany der8auer says:

Well done good work :)

nXXo says:

Well done

Netherlands Oldscarface says:

Congrats, very good result

Bulgaria I.nfraR.ed says:

Congrats, guys! Great event.

Belgium leeghoofd says:

enjoy your new T-shirt mate, too bad it says Intel on the sholders :p

Ukraine MaJ0r says:

Well done, congrats!

Belgium skulstation says:

congrats to all !

Poland Xtreme Addict says:

Good job :) It was fun to play ;)

Germany Dancop says:

Yeah! Special thx to vlad and asus for that very well organized event!

Brazil Rbuass says:

Sorry to not follow, but congratz for you my friend Master Benchbros and Dancop, for the great competition.
Also Xtreme Addict, great overclocker and Giorgio... very good job.
So, in the end, congratulations to all involved in this great event.

Best wishes from Brazil

TaPaKaH says:

VERY clean job :)

Kazakhstan TerraRaptor says:

Thanks Asus - that was great. Was a lot of fun to see old friends and meet new ones.

Germany SoF says:

u still 1337 andi - well done!

Kazakhstan John_White says:

Thanks ASUS for that amazing competition.

United States FUGGER says:

Just as I predicted (second place), grats guys.

My first AOCC was a blast in Hong Kong, we wont talk about Hong Kong.

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