7 New X99 BIOSes for GIGABYTE and ASRock motherboards + Updated Haswell-E Stats

As usual, Stasio provided us with a couple of new X99 motherboard BIOSes which we re-hosted on our servers. There are new BIOSes for two GIGABYTE motherboards and three ASRock motherboards; you can find the list below. In addition to the new available downloads, we also updated the Haswell-E statistics.

Nata58 from Italy remains the most active Haswell-E overclocker with over 500 benchmark results submitted. His submissions alone put the EVGA X99 Classified to the second most used motherboard in the database in terms of pure submission count. When we look at the most popular motherboards per capita, we find the ASUS Rampage V Extreme at the top of the table, followed by the MSI X99S SLI Plus and the ASUS X99-Deluxe. CPU-wise, king of the hill remains the most expensive Core i7 5960X which has almost double the submission count as the two other desktop Haswell-E SKUs. In terms of cooling, we see that the large majority of overclockers opt for water cooling based cooling solutions. Only 15% of the submissions are done with liquid nitrogen. With 25% of the submissions, the United States has the largest overclocking community at HWBOT.

Based on the adoption rate of the Haswell-E X99 platform, it seems the new high-end desktop is doing very well in comparison to the Sandy Bridge-E and Ivy Bridge-E platforms. The adoption curve is similar to the Gulftown processor series and similar to that platform the most used CPU of the series is the top end. For Gulftown that was the Core i7 980X and for Haswell-E, as we already mentioned, the Core i7 5960X.

The list of updated BIOSes:

  • GIGABYTE X99 UD5 WiFi F8f
  • ASRock X99 Extreme6/AC 1.40
  • ASRock X99 Extreme6/AC 1.30
  • ASRock X99 OC Formula 1.60
  • ASRock X99 OC Formula 1.50
  • ASRock X99M Killer 1.62
  • More information in the forum (click)

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