ShockG, Drweez and Tweak Venetica Overclocking at RAge 2014 Expo in South Africa on October 12-14

RAge is a gaming, computer and technology expo in South Africa. In the weekend of October 12-14 the 2014 is held in the Coca-Cola Dome in Johannesburg. There is plenty of overclocking action going that weekend as ShockG, better known as Neo from TheOverclocker, are showing off their skills at the venue.

"Titan-Ice will be hosting the overclocking events and the man doing all the fun stuff with finger-freezing LN2 is Warren Kramer, better known as "Tweak Venetica". Warren is part of the Below0 overclocking group along with Andrew "dRweEZ" Roberts, DeatMeat and SystemTech. There are a number of overclocking groups based in South Africa, but very few with the same caliber of enthusiasts as these guys."

For more information, check out the news post at NAG. Enjoy the expo, everyone!

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