Poll: Allow Combined Accounts in Overclockers League?

Following a series of discussions over email and other communication channels, we propound disallowing combined user accounts in the Overclocker Leagues. Several users have complained that competing in against combined/team accounts in the individual rankings "don't make sense" and "is very demotivational". After listing to the argumentation we find sense in this feeling and thus this poll.

The Poll question is simple: "Should we allow combined/team accounts in the (individual) Overclocker Leagues?". The poll options are Yes, No and No Opinion. As always you can find the Poll on the right-hand side in the sidebar.

In case the community votes No, team accounts will no longer be allowed in the Overclockers League. Specifically, accounts carrying the word Team (eg: "TeamBE") or in plural form (eg: "The Belgians") will be requested to merge to a user account.

Happy Voting!

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