Poll: What type of OC event do you like most?

There are a plethora of overclocking events nowadays, and they all come in different size and shapes. But what overclocking event does the HWBOT crowd like this most? In this poll we listed five different types of overclocking events. Simply vote for your favorite type of event and let us know in the forum why you favor one over the other. The different types of OC event are:

  • Private gathering (eg. "Secret OC")
  • Public gathering (eg. "HWBOT OC Anniversary")
  • All-inclusive competition (eg. "MSI MOA")
  • Competition with big prize but own travel (eg. "GSKILL OC World Cup")
  • Workshop / demo (eg. "Demo in retail store")

As usual, the poll is available in the sidebar. Feel free to share your thoughts in the forum!

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