Community Votes Against Removal Global Points for PCMark05, Catzilla 1440P, 3DMark05 and 3DMark01

In a poll which generated quite some noise on our forums, the members of the HWBOT community were asked to give their opinion on removing the global points for four of the least popular benchmark applications. The benchmarks were: PCMark05, CatZilla 1440P, 3DMark05 and 3DMark01. As expected most of the conversation was about PCMark05, a benchmark widely known as highly tweakable through software and hardware optimizations.

In the end, 304 overclockers casted their vote on this subject. The approval - or should I say disapproval - rate for each benchmark is as follows:

  • 53.3% for PCMark05
  • 27.0% for Catzilla 1440P
  • 15.8% for 3DMark01
  • 10.9% for 3DMark05

Since the removal of points can be quite significant for a lot members, a minimum of two-thirds majority was required. Only 53.3% of the members voted for removing the points of PCMark05, which means that the points will stay. For the other benchmarks, no majority was found either.

Thank you for sharing your opinion!

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