Voting Poll: What Benchmarks Should No Longer Yield Global Points?

OCers Benchmark
95Catzilla 1440P

For our next community poll we need to provide some background information. Following the rising amount of requests to drop PCMark05 for global points, we queried the database to find out which benchmarks with global points are the least popular. Counting the amount of unique overclockers submitting a result using a particular benchmark over the past three months, we find that PCMark05 is the least popular as only 80 overclockers participated in the rankings. Following PCMark05 we find Catzilla 1440P with 95 overclockers, 3DMark01 with 202 and 3DMark05 with 211 overclockers.

To put things in perspective, XTU was used by well over 2,500 overclockers in the past three months. The second most active benchmark is HWBOT Prime with slightly over 750 overclockers participating.

Until July 8 the community has a chance to voice its opinion on the removal of global points for any of the four least active benchmarks. In order to remove the points, we require 67% of the people to vote for the removal of points. As usual you can find the poll in the sidebar.

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