3DMark Hardware Points Poll Interim Score : Only Sky Diver Approved by Community

Pct Benchmark
25.3%Ice Storm
24.8%Ice Storm Extreme
17.7%Ice Storm Unlimited
39.7%Cloud Gate
50.4%Sky Diver
19.1%None of the above

A little over a week ago we started a second poll to add points for 3DMark benchmarks. In our first poll we decided Fire Strike should have global points. In this second poll we decide which presets should have hardware points.

Looking at the interim scores, it appears that the community only approves the new preset Sky Diver for hardware points. The benchmark has slightly over 50% approval rate. The other benchmarks seem on track to stay boint-less for a while longer. You can find the vote in the sidebar and the poll is open until the 24th of this month.

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