Haswell Refreshed and L0ud_sil3nc3 Sets New 2xCPU XTU Record with Core i3 4360 at 4GHz

The new Haswell Refresh processors are now available in the stores and it did not take very long for extreme overclockers like L0ud_sil3nc3 to give it a spin. We don't have the new Devil's Canyon K-SKU CPUs yet, but for XTU the dual core variants are very competitive too. Armed with a Core i3 4360 - the refresh's highest SKU - L0ud set a new record in the XTU 2xCPU category.

The BCLK frequency was set at 108 MHz which equates to a CPU frequency of 4GHz using the 37x CPU multiplier. The CPU was cooled with liquid nitrogen and according to L0ud_Sil3nc3 there was no clear sign of cold bug. That may be good news for the upcoming 4790K! Hideo from Japan is currently second with the new Haswell Refresh, trailing by only two points but still on air cooling.

Looking forward to seeing more results!

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