Vivi Scores New 1xGPU Fire Strike Extreme Record: 8653 with GTX 780 Ti Matrix at 1926/2135 MHz and GIGABYTE X79-UD7

It’s true that in contemporary overclocking there are a lot of world records. In fact, some say there are so many different records it has become difficult to know which are actually important. Single GPU in the latest 3DMark is one of those records which will always be important in the overclocking universe. It usually requires to push the graphics card beyond the clocks it’s inherently capable of and tends to emphasize the strength of the CPU less than most benchmarks do today.

Today Vivi set a new record in this important benchmark class.

He pushed an ASUS GeForce GTX 780 Ti Matrix to an unbelievable 1926/2135 MHz. Combined with a relatively low clocked Core i7 4960X at 5.5GHz that results in a score of 8653 points. That is 49 points higher than the previous record holder Dancop from Germany. Congratulations!

Check out the video below!

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