Via Springboard Blog: "Benching the mark, step one"

The Via Springboard is a tiny little computing/DIY board similar to the Raspberry Pi. It features a single core Cortex-A9 800 MHz SoC and is mainly targeted at the DIY community. Gergely Imreh, one of the people behind the Taipei Hackerspace (remember?), recently joined Via and has been playing around with the Springboard. In his first blog post, he uses HWBOT Prime for Android to test the performance of the little Springboard.

As you could have expected, the results are not that impressive. The little Springboard scores a mere 354 PPS and is far behind the most powerful Android smartphone devices. Considering the performance per core per clock, the device isn't doing that bad though. As Gergely mentions in his blog post, one of the problems with HWBOT Prime currently is the hardware detection. We are working hard on adding the missing devices and hope to have a complete database up and running soon. Feel free to drop us a message in the forums in case we're missing data!

The Via Springboard is now added to the database. So if you have one of these little things to play with, good luck!

Full blog post: click

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