Hardware.info Pro OC Shows Off At MSI/Informatique OC Academy (Dutch)

Apologies in advance for linking to a Dutch news item, but it's definitely one worth to Google Translate and have a look at. The Dutch/Belgian Pro OC formation competing under the flag of Hardware.info, currently 7th in the first round of Pro OC 2014 and 6th overall, attended a local demonstration event at Informatique in collaboration with MSI. The team is formed by overclockers Rsnubje, Nedernakker, Oldscarface and Leeghoofd.

The Pro OC team went ahead with a Haswell based Core i7 4770K and a pair of MSI GeForce GTX 770 Lightning graphics cards. In total they broke 6 records with this system - very impressive! Overall the team seemed fairly pleased with the results and the exposure. Based on the comments on the news article, we figure the people attending were also very impressed with the level of skill and knowledge of the HWI Pro OC Team. Good stuff, men!

Below are a couple of pictures. Check out the original article for many more pics and info on the benchmark results!


Belgium Massman says:

Looking good men!

Netherlands rsnubje says:

Thanks PJ :) It's possible that in the near future we will see some results with 2x 780 lightning from Nedernakker. After all the issues he had with the system it deserves another go.

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