Another Dancop Record: 17120 in Fire Strike with GTX 780 Ti

Dancop is on a hot streak right now. Teaming up with Xtreme Addict last weekend, he already set two new records and this morning (Taipei time) I found another top result in the database. This time, Dancop focused on 3DMark Fire Strike, and he managed to set the new top score with 17120 points. Again the K|ngp|n edition 780 Ti clocked marvelously to 1920/1900 MHz and combined with a 6 GHz Core i7 4930K the top overclocker from Germany outscored 8 Pack by about 300 points. Very cool!

With 1920 MHz Dancop is only 80 MHz shy of becoming the first to break the 2 GHz core clock barrier with the GTX 780 Ti. Who will get there first?!

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