Kronos Pro OC New Leader of Pro OC 2014 Round 1 - Phil Sets New (Massive) Heaven DX11 Record!

Who thought OCUKPro was pretty much invincible had it wrong. With an amazing Heaven DX11 1xGPU record - 200 points higher than #2 - Phil pushed Kronos Pro OC past the team from the UK to the first spot in this year's Round 1. Kronos now has 12 points more than OCUKPro and 26 more than Team Germany. Phil's record definitely deserves attention. He squeezed 1460/1800 MHz out of a reference card, that's something you don't see every day. In addition, he set back Wizerty over 150 points. Awesome!

More information

  • Pro OC Cup 2014 Round 1: click
  • Phil's Heaven DX11 5215.05 DX11 Marks: click


Belgium Massman says:

Awesome stuff Phil!

Greece MetallicGR says:

Very nice KRONOS. Go FTW!

United Kingdom HiVizMan says:

Way to go Phil

Greece Dinos111 says:

Congratulations Kronos team.

United Kingdom 8 Pack says:

The balance is restored ;) Great score Phil that will take some ragging.

Greece OGS says:

Damn u Ian :P

Australia Jimba says:

The mighty greeks strike again! Great going phill! :D

d1nky says:

well done kronos :D

Greece Phil says:

Thank you all guys. Now we got to find a good 780ti :)

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