Bug in recalculation engine to be fixed as soon as possible

A couple of attentive HWBOT members found out that there is a bug in our recalculation engine, causing it to fail when updating a user's points and league rankings. We are aware of the problem and have added the bug as high priority to our backlog. We hope to have a fix as soon as possible!

Apoligies for the inconvenience.

The HWBOT Staff.


Belgium Massman says:

Apoligies for the inconvenience!

Germany Moose83 says:

Nice :)

France TriSk3L says:


TaPaKaH says:

Does it also include the TPP issue(s)?

Germany Agent_Fresh says:

Glad to see that it's a bug, thought i couldn't calculate anymore... THX!

Belgium Massman says:

Yup, all should be working again :)

Sam OCX said: Does it also include the TPP issue(s)?

No, this was a different problem.

Poland Blu3 says:

Should, but not working.

Belgium Massman says:

Yup, seems like you're right. Just caught the bug.

Germany Dancop says:

Still not working

Poland Blu3 says:

Now it works :)

United States Mandrake4565 says:

Is there a problem with the points again?

Belgium Massman says:

Can you specific your issue? I'm not aware of any new problems

United States Mandrake4565 says:

Actually my bad it calculated, thanks.

United States abvolt says:

i've been losing points for some reason is this fixed

Belgium Massman says:

Yes, the points should be fixed. It's possible you lose points if someone beats your scores for example.

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