Off-topic: Xyala Co-produces Taiwan Short-film/Documentary "Taiwan Chewing Gum : a betel nut short"

The overclocking community is a tight and small community. Over the years many of the hardcore overclockers have become more than just internet connections. They became friends. Very few of the overclockers live from overclocking or surrounded by hardware; most of them have other jobs and hobbies too. Once in a while we like to highlight one of the "outside OC" accomplishments. For example, about a year ago we reported about Vivi's incredible graduation video.

Xyala, part-time active at HWBOT nowadays, just released his first co-produced short-film documentary. On his website, he writes: "Taiwan Chewing Gum. This is the name chosen for the short documentary I’ve been working on since now three months here in Taipei. This documentary short is born from the connection between Steven Domjancic, Canadian photographer in Taipei, and myself. Far from the early storyboard sketches made on our first work meet in a Taipei coffee, Taiwan Chewing Gum is to date the most fascinating production project I’ve had the chance to work on."

"This short movie (8 minutes) was filmed over the course of three months in Taiwan with locations in Taipei city and Nantou county – home of the countries’ largest betel nut farms. The betel nut is an interesting side of the Taiwanese culture. Part of the countries ancestral traditions, chewing betel nuts is today a debated topic in Taiwan. A stimulant, a tolerated drug and a known carcinogen sold by young girls: a mix of topics that caught our attention."

If my information is correct, Xyala and Steven will submit this short-film to a couple of film festivals. I hope they win and I definitely recommend you checking out the video!

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