Sofos1990 Pushes Heaven DX11 Over 5000 Points With Single GPU on MSI Z87 XPower

Last week we shared the news of Hicookie breaking the 1xGPU Heaven DX11 record, but today we can already announce it's been broken again. Sofos1990 from Greece combined a nicely clocking Radeon R9 290X (1330/1775MHz) with a Core i7 4770K at 5.7GHz and an MSI Z87 XPower mainboard. The system was powered by an Enermax Platimax PSU. As a result, Sofos is the first to break 5000 points in Heaven DX11 with a single GPU graphics card configuration. Sources informed us that Hicookie may have had a backup close to 5000 points too and we are sure he is getting ready to take back the record!

In any case, congratulations goes out to Sofos1990 for breaking the barrier. Well done!

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