Intel XTU V4.3.0.11 Available for Download - App-Profile Pairing, Temperature and Frequency Monitoring, Bugfixes

It seems like some users already noticed the new version of the Intel® XTU software application and are posting about it in the forum. That's great and very attentive! It's true, Intel® released v4.3.0.11 of XTU. This version comes with a couple of new features.

First of all, App-Profile Pairing (formely known as "AppTune") is no longer beta. As you know App-Profile Pairing was introduced in in XTU V4.2. Its main benefit is allowing dynamic overclocking for specific applications. The idea is very simple and extends the idea of Turbo Mode. As everyone at HWBOT knows, Turbo Mode makes use of the available overclocking headroom to increase the performance of your system automatically (provided it remains within the limitations defined by temperature, type of load, current, and of course, and the Turbo configuration). For example, a default Core i7 4770K will overclock from 3.5GHz to 3.9GHz in a single threaded application (provided the Power Control Unit ("PCU") allows it). App-Profile Pairing builds on this idea and allows you to control the CPU behavior for each application separately.

In V4.2 App-Profile Pairing was beta, but now it is available as one of the tabs on the left-hand side in Intel® XTU.

A second and much more interesting new feature is the inclusion of system monitoring information. From V4.3.0.11 forward there will be temperature and frequency monitoring data included in the XTU benchmark profile/score. The information included is the maximum CPU frequency and the maximum CPU temperature. This will allow us not only to host competitions for air cooling by setting a lower limit for the operating temperature, but also to host low clock challenges by setting an upper limited for the operating frequency. Shortly we will add the necessary competition engine limitations and launch a couple of competitions!

Last but not least, the new version includes a small bug fix related to XTU launching issues with CPUs that don't have Intel® Turbo Boost Technology.

The new version of Intel® XTU is available for download at the Intel® Download Center: click. Note that Version 4.2 and prior will fail to automatically update; manual installation of a newer build will be required, after which automatic update will again function.


Belgium Massman says:

This one also fixes some issues with low-end CPUs. Oh, and can you say "low-clock challenge"? :D

Canada Vinster says:

I know support for IB/SB works, any chance XTU would ever support X58? Vin

United States Splave says:

is there ES protection now?

United States Schmuckley says:

works with 1156 and 1366 now?

Germany Moose83 says:

Can test next week, Board back on the way!

Belgium Massman says:

Schmuckley said: works with 1156 and 1366 now?

Hm, can't remember what the problem was with 1156/1366.

Can you export a profile (to desktop) on either of those platforms?

Belgium Massman says:

Splave said: is there ES protection now?

XTU has always disallowed (real) engineering samples. Qualification samples - CPUs that show up as ES but are sent to media - can be used to submit.

United States Team.US says:

good to know thanks

United States l0ud_sil3nc3 says:

Massman said: XTU has always disallowed (real) engineering samples. Qualification samples - CPUs that show up as ES but are sent to media - can be used to submit.

Ahhh this makes sense now PJ, the other day I ran XTU on a Xeon 2687W ES and I couldn't find my XTU score after I subbed it, this is why and very good to know.

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