Iranian Amateurs Take Back 6xCPU Cinebench R15 Record (+ New UCBench2011 #1 Too)

Only yesterday we covered the news of Japanese overclocker NABE breaking the 6xCPU Cinebench R15 record. As we predicted, the battle is still on. Amateurs (OverExtreme, Poorya_Lion, Mahdi-Lion) from Iran have just submitted a new top score of 1651 points with their great 6123 MHz Core i7 4930K. In addition to taking back the Cinebench record, the boys from the Middle-East also set a new top score in the 6xCPU UCBench2011 global ranking. This was done with the same CPU, but clocked slightly higher to almost 6.2 GHz.

Well done! Great battle! And keep pushing it

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