OCZ Technology Filing for Bankruptcy

To the people following the IT industry, OCZ filing for bankcruptcy is not really a shocker. Things were going downhill for a long time now, including not only the release of some problematic hardware products, but also the not-so fruitful adventure on the stock market. So, yesterday, OCZ issued a press release stating they will file for bankruptcy. The procedure is to dissolve the company, not restructure. That means everyone currently working at OCZ would have to find another job. As it seems, Toshiba might be interested in taking over the company, its assets, and of course its intellectual property. This would allow OCZ's people to remain employed.

The mainstream audience mainly knows OCZ from their SSD line-up, but hardcore enthusiasts will remember OCZ because of the overclocking memory (DDR, DDR2), the Powerstream PSU series with adjustable voltage rails, and not in the least because the OCZ DDR Booster.

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