Germany First To Complete a Set in HWBOT Country Cup 2013

The HWBOT Country Cup is all about engaging your peers. The most important aspect of the competition is to inspire enough overclockers to complete a set of scores. Without the complete set your country will not compete for the top spots, and thus the most points. This is something Germany has understood very well this year, and it seems they are the first country to complete a set in one of the seven stages that require multiple scores.

Score Hardware Frequency User
3674.49 primes per second Core i3 4340 3854MHz Germany Dancop
3075.28 primes per second Core i3 530 2933MHz Germany BenchBros
2782.43 primes per second Core i3 370M MHz Germany u22

In the Core i3 stage featuring the HWBOT Prime benchmark application, the lads from Western Europe successfully submitted three results. Thanks to the efforts of Dancop, Benchbros, and u22, the German team is leading with an average of 3177.4 primes per second. This one result more than the number two of that category, Hungary, who has about a hundred points more on average. In any case, it is still a long way to go before the Germans can claim the victory in the fourth stage. There are still 52 days to go!

In most of the other stages we find several countries who are close to completing the set. Interestingly enough, in the third stage we only find Canada with a submitted score. It seems that finding a Core i5 to compete with is not as easy as we thought it would be. Or perhaps it is because of the graphics card selection.

In any case, we wish all of the participating countries the best of luck. May the clocks be with you! Here are some pictures from the first week of Country Cup.

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