K|ngp|n (KPC Pro OC) Pushes Fire Strike Extreme Record To 8100+ pts with GTX Titan - No Hope for 290X?

K|ngp|n's close affiliation with and intense affection for nVidia graphics cards is widely known. He has been competitive and victorious with every generation of the Green Team cards since as long as we can remember. Every generation he competes not only with the competitors within the overclocking community, but also with the corporate opponent AMD. With the launch of the latter's flagship product Radeon R9 290X, K|ngp|n figured it was time to fully unleash the power of the Titan. Result: 8100 points in Fire Strike Extreme. That is 500 points higher than the current #2, overall!

To accomplish this feat, K|ngp|n uses a fully modified GeForce GTX Titan running at 1830/1960 MHz. He combines this with an interesting choice of CPU, the Intel Xeon E5 1660 V2 'Ivy Bridge-EP', clocked at 5000 MHz. No one knows why, though.

In any case, it seems there is very little hope for the Radeon R9 290X in Fire Strike Extreme. With this score, KPC Pro OC might also have reserved the #1 spot in the Fire Strike Extreme stage of the Pro OC Cup. Dominating the scene ...

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