Learn More About Your APU with The Stilt's APU Fuse Interpreter (AFI)

In case you want to learn even more about your AMD APU processor, check out this new nifty software tool developed by The Stilt. The APU Fuse Interpreter ("AFI") shows detailed information on the specific characteristics of any part, including leakage ratios and the fused P-State specs. In addition, it gives you an estimate on the maximum voltage tolerance of you APU part, and a hash that includes part specific identification info.

Too much details, in other words. Epic application!


  • "Leakage Scalar" - A part specific reference value for leakage behavior (ILC).
  • "DSTT" - Dielectric Strike-Through Threshold.

All of the values are part specific and based on actual production data. The program supports all desktop (i.e FM2) Trinity & Richland APUs. NPUs are not supported at the moment.

The voltage displayed in the DSTT field is not an absolute limit. It should be used for reference only. The voltage is the highest "safe" (long term) voltage level in that temperature. The voltage can be exceeded for a short periods of time, however silicon level damage can occur.

Pressing "Copy Hash" button will copy the displayed hash-string to clipboard.

In case the UAC is enabled (Vista / 7 / 8) please run the program as admin.

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