Catzilla v1.0 Released (Finally!)

After twenty-four beta versions and five release candidates, the day has finally come: Catzilla is here! There is still an hour left on the clock before version 1.0 is officially launched, but the link to the torrent (official, not pirated!) download is already available. With the final release of the benchmark, the development team closes the period of development and community anticipation. The benchmark was first announced October last year.

We wish the best to the Catzilla team, and hope this is not the final project of the development group either. Android, Linux, and a lot of other platforms are ready to be overclocked as well! In the meantime, you can entertain yourself at HWBOT by competing in teh Catzilla benchmark rankings:



Belgium Massman says:

Had a discussion about this benchmark with a fellow overclocker this morning - who's excited and who is not? Why?

United Kingdom borandi says:

Maybe I'm out of the loop but...

I take it 576p is still the 'free' run? Would prefer 1440p tbh
Also, does it now display the version number on the results page?
Does it still have the '1 in 10 runs seems to be quicker at loading' issue? (And is loading still part of the score calculation?)
Also the fact that if the building doesn't fall in the physics test, should just exit and re-run?
Are we limiting future submits to 1.0+ ?

Belgium Massman says:

To the latter question - NO. Unless there's a significant different in scoring, which I don't believe there is. To all the other questions I have no answer.

Denmark Nicklas0912 says:

what about, are we getting poinst for the becnhmark ?

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