Futuremark Fixes Windows 8 RTC Bug - Systeminfo 4.20 Allowed For HWBOT Submissions

News from our Head of Moderating, Christian Ney, regarding Windows 8 and Futuremark benchmarks. The HWBOT moderation rules regarding Windows 8 and Futuremark benchmarks have been updated. Here is the latest version:

  • All new Windows 8 Benchmark Results will be blocked, including for on-going competitions
  • Existing Windows 8 based benchmark submissions will be blocked if seemingly out of line or world record or top score.
  • Existing Windows 8 based benchmark submissions will not be blocked or removed if they don't meet the requirements above
  • Existing Windows 8 based benchmark submissions will not be blocked or removed if they were made on an AMD system (New ones will be clocked)

Note: if you recall downclocking when using an Intel based Windows 8 system, please remove that result.

Exceptions to the Windows 8 rule:

  • non-overclockable notebooks may be used in combination with Windows 8
  • 3DMark and PCMark runs on Windows 8 if an ORB Link is included, and SystemInfo 4.20 (unofficial download) is used.

More information:

I have been cooperating with Futuremark, now 3DMark and PCMark runs on Windows 8 can be trusted when they meet the following requirements:

  • ORB Link
  • Use of SystemInfo 4.20 or newer

How does it work

At the moment it's a "dirty" fix since it requires online check and isn't built into the benchmark for offline check. The positive news is that the fix affects all Futuremark benchmarks at once. Just need to update SystemInfo ("SI"). Make sure to uninstall any previous version of SystemInfo to not create any conflict. Submit the file online via the benchmark or the upload form. The new SI will check and monitor/log three different timers. When submiting online the site engine will check the values and if one timer is off (RTC in this case) the result will not be valid and you will get the following error: "Time measuring inaccurate. Results are invalid."

Here is an example:

  • Windows 8 + System Info 4.19 + no downclocking = VALID
  • Windows 8 + System Info 4.19 + downclocking = INVALID
  • Windows 8 + System Info 4.20 + no downclocking = VALID
  • Windows 8 + System Info 4.20 + downclocking = INVALID

Futuremark will also add a warning-type notice like: Invalid, Time measuring cannot be checked, please use latest version of SystemInfo when benchmarking under Windows 8


Belgium Massman says:

Good to see they have taken action, but I am a bit disappointed by the implementation. The most elegant solution would have been to automatically correct the scores. We did that for the Heaven wrapper, and it is very simple. You can easily correct the existing score with a factor determined by the relative time difference. If not this, then at least have the submission page not show a result altogether. The GUI (screenshot) is not updated either.

Hope to see an updated GUI + corrected scoring algoritm in the future!

Christian Ney says:

That was the "act fast solution". Proper one will follow.

Poland Xtreme Addict says:

in fact this solution isn't hard for users. link to ORB (3dmarks codes are easy to get by free and in fact even buying isn't very expensive). Only saving file (.3dr), not need of LAN... so it's not that bad IMHO

South Africa Vivi says:

pardon my dumb question but does this work on 03 / 05 / vantage /3d11 and all that, systeminfo is globally used by the 3dmarks right

Poland Xtreme Addict says:

it works for 06, van, 11, new 3dmark and few pcmarks, older are not supported and it seems they won;'t be according to futuremark website, hope futuremark will change their mind though

Christian Ney says:

You can now download 4.20 from FM's website here. Just clic "Download and install Futuremark SystemInfo" should get you 4.20. Description hasn't been added yet.

Finland FM_Jarnis says:

Just to clarify, this update appplies to following benchmarks; - PCMark 05 - PCMark Vantage - PCMark 7 - PCMark 8 - 3DMark03 - 3DMark05 - 3DMark06 - 3DMark Vantage - 3DMark 11 - 3DMark For 3DMark03, you must use the latest version which uses separate SystemInfo (early 03 versions used different built-in scan tech that cannot be updated) (with the caveat that 3DMark03 and 3DMark05 are officially unsupported and there will not be a new installer with this included so it always has to be installed separately. Also PCMark05 most likely will not receive a new stand-alone installer with this included. For newer benchmarks, whenever we push the next full installer update, it will be bundled there) Any potential "built-in" detection is being considered only for the latest benchmarks - 3DMark and PCMark 8 - and if done, it will take a while; Benchmark executable patching is far more complicated than simple SystemInfo + result receiver update (because any time we touch the actual benchmark code, it has to go through every single Benchmark Development Program member and their testing, process any potential feedback they have, plus there is far more extensive in-house testing). As this issue is very hard to run into "by accident", it is of little concern to those who use the benchmark for, well, benchmarking. Only competitive-style use is impacted where someone might have an incentive to deliberately cheat.

South Africa Vivi says:

FM_Jarnis said: Only competitive-style use is impacted where someone might have an incentive to deliberately cheat.

yea true and there is only a tiny amount of potential cheaters if any.. So this standalone update is fine ^^

thanks alot for the work and 03 05 06 support

United States Warsun99 says:

OK i just created an account to just clear up something.First off my system is
Processor:AMD 1100t
Motherboard :MSI 870A Fuzion Power Edition
Memory :KingstonHyperX 1600
Graphics PU: HIS Radeon HD 6870
Secondary : current Empty
Storage :Kingstron HyperX 3K 240GB SSD
Power Supply RocketFish 900wt

Now for the report.I was doing fine with my system an seeing benchmarks coming out an i was curious as of to why AMD scores were so low an Intel scores were ridiculously high.I owned Intel systems before just sold one to build this one near 2 years ago.I was planing to upgrade when Windows 8 came out.Scores were pretty low an misleading.

I had a good way to tell what my systems performance was from Windows Experience Index found on Windows 7 Ultimate.Which I have.Scores were

Processor AMD Phenom(tm) II X6 1100T Processor 7.9
Memory (RAM) 8.00 GB 7.9
Graphics AMD Radeon HD 6800 Series 7.8
Gaming graphics 7.8
Primary hard disk 7.9

Now however after installing Windows 8 Pro 64bit an seeing it perform for only 5 hours.I was incredibly disappointed.Performance was slow an jagged.So I clean formatted an reinstalled Windows 7 Ult.Here is the problem.After a clean format.

My system now reads this.
Processor AMD Phenom(tm) II X6 1100T Processor 7.5
Memory (RAM) 8.00 GB 7.5
Graphics AMD Radeon HD 6800 Series 7.7
Gaming graphics 7.7
Primary hard disk 7.9

It also appears my memory is directly connected to my on board memory.I cannot separate it.An it hinders performance a lot.Crashes with no blue screen.No additional programs installed.Other than games.This has puzzled me for almost a year now.

Now here's something.I also have a MSI Geforce N560GTX M2D1GD5 graphics card.So i installed that card.I saw massive improvements in FPS an Stability where as my HIS card was just losing frames,Locking up,Often stutters.An performance in itself would strangely slow down.

This hit me.So i ran a Skyrim Test seeing how it does not require much to run.I installed Skyrim an ran Dawnguard.This is a legit test.From Dawnguards Doors to the zone out on the AMD <--- (keyword here)HIS 6870 (Check HWcompare for specs) I was getting 114 fps till zone out when i look up i got 218 fps.Mind you i have run from there before an i was getting 189fps before an looking up at 314 fps at zone out.

Alright i ran my lower end card the MSI Ge Force 560GTX Ranked 7.7 on WEI.(HIS was 7.8) I was getting 148 fps average an at zone out 258 to near 261fps.

What does all this mean?It is simple.Windows 8 is still in your system with residual effects still happening.It struck me and my friend who is a big Intel fan who helps me build my computer.That it was odd my system before was fine but not is slowed down.He did not want to blame anyone.But i`m not him.

There was a reason for Windows 8.It was just meant to be some cheap tablet program.But i`m get the feeling someone payed Microsoft to throttle,lower the performance of AMD products an boost Intel systems to make Intel look better.I am not naming names.Because I don't know what happened behind closed doors.It could be that some files were not removed when i (cleared my BIOS an reset it.)Something that cannot be removed.Whatever the program is.An yes it is a program.It refuses to be removed from systems an only affects AMD systems.

This is why all of the AMD benchmarks seem only 1% different from each other.Because they are throttles to only give a certain amount of performance.Any more than that.The South Bridge heats up an particularly during Overclocking.An even after disabling the Overclock the system still keeps heating up.That in itself tells me there was a trojan install.So i formatted my SSD again with 0's to completely clean it.That wont work.

From what i have found it is somewhere in the motherboard.Someone needs to do a complete system scan for other programs affecting this.I do not have the hardware to see directly into my system.But overall my system is locked.Which means Even your AMD Benchmarks are wrong.You might as well scrap any benchmarks from the release and Beta release of Windows 8.

For those thinking that could just be a fluke.No i have found numerous reports of this.An when i did searched on there performances an saw All the people who used Windows 8 had unusual low an identical WEI's i knew something was up.I just couldn't put my finger on it.

Then come to find out that Windows 8 was banned because it boost Intel systems.It explained why my performance before Windows 8 i got Higher scores on benchmarks an test than the 8 cores.Also why others reported higher scores on there 8 cores where people like Linus of Linus Tech Tips an Logan from Tek Syndicate were getting strange yet low scores.

So before you go assuming it's just me.Explain the other thousands of people who saw this.I just put Two an Two together.So i need someone with hardware to check on this to make sure.Then create a program to Remove it.I hope someone attends to this.

GENiEBEN says:

tl:dr Conspiracy theory from Wintel.

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