The Overclocker Issue 25 Out Now!

The latest issue of everyone's favorite magazine is out now. This issue features an interesting editor's note, an interview with German overclocker Der8auer, the Computex 2013 overview for overclockers, Part 2 of the History of Overclocking, a big feature on Intel XTU and tons of hardware reviews.

Check it out now!



Belgium Massman says:

Very nice issue! Awesome!

Poland Xtreme Addict says:

Nice interview with Roman :)

Iran Olesius says:

looks great, special roman interview :)

Belgium leeghoofd says:

I want a der8auer autograph :)

Norway knopflerbruce says:

What I don't get is that 1m is mentioned in the Editor's note, but not 32m - if one of them is too old, the other must be as well :p

K404 says:

I like the interview the most as usual :D I agree with Neos comments about older benchmarks. I've started phasing out some older 3D. For me, if a card has Boost, I don't bench 01-06 or AM3.

United States sin0822 says:

nice job!

Bulgaria I.nfraR.ed says:

Am I the only one who can't open it? "Sorry, this publication is not available"

Australia Jimba says:

Just read it. Great issue and excellent interview Roman! some good articles too..the one about the history of overclocking is making me feel old..:p :(

United States xxbassplayerxx says:

Would be neat to have 5 or 6 3D benchmarks for points, assessed by each generation. For example: DX10/DX10.1 Cards 01, 03, 05, 06, Vantage, AM3 DX11 Cards 03, Vantage, 11, 12, Heaven There are obvious issues that arise from world records and all that jazz, but it does seem silly to be benching cards in benchmarks that are 10+ years old, especially when they no longer scale with graphics. Honestly, if a benchmark doesn't scale with a certain amount of cards, there should be no points for that configuration (I'm looking at you, 3D01!).

United States MrBreeze says:

Yeah that interview is downright inspirational. I've had my eye on one of his pots for months; just waiting for the Euro to continue its slide. ;) But seriously, very cool to hear about how someone so accomplished first caught the bug.

United States dumo says:

They forgot to mention MickeyMouse on the early oc part of ln2 pot

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