Vivi Cools GTX Titan VRM With Liquid Nitrogen - 1500MHz GPU Stable, Highest Rank Using Stock VRM!

Without going into the how's and why's South-African overclocker Vivi had to run his GeForce GTX Titan graphics card with a stock PWM for the MSI MOA semi-final qualification round, check out his innovative approach to a poorly designed prone-to-overheat VRM design. The GTX Titan is known for its easy burn-outs and failure due to a weak VRM design by Nvidia. Usually you'd swap out the default VRM for something stronger like an Epower. Vivi decided to do it differently, and mounting an LN2 cooling pot on the VRM. Yes, you read that right - liquid nitrogen on the VRM.

The creative approach yielded very good results. Not only did the card not die - an impressive achievement already - Vivi also managed to get a Fire Strike Extreme stable overclock of 1.5GHz core frequency. This results in a #5 global single card Fire Strike Extreme, and by beating Elmor's GTX 780 Lightning also the highest rank for a default PWM!

Nicely done, Vivi. Hope to see you in the MOA Grand Finals!


Belgium Massman says:

Thumbs up!

Germany der8auer says:

Awesome idea to cool the VRM like that!

South Africa Vivi says:

Thanks guys! If something gets hot cool it down thats the overclocker way right.

Appreciate the nice words!

here is another video with pretty picture, it's non-fishbowl version of lower score. My sister had the camera for the 7131 run :<

Korea (republic) littleboy says:

Very good idea!!! good jobs bro..

Canada Vinster says:

impressive, great work.

Serbia d0minat0r says:

Good job Vivi! :)

United Kingdom scooter.jay says:

Nice thinking and awesome clocks well done sir

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