Vivi Video Guide: Unboxing and Mounting of EK SF3D Triple Point Evo and Inflection Point

Vivi from South-Africa made two videos introducing the EK-WB SF3D Triple Point Evo and Inflection Point cooling pots. Next to a general unboxing of the two cooling kits, he also shows how to mount the Triple Point Evo. Great stuff!


Belgium Teemto says:

Nice video review. Been wondering what the temperature was of the heating elements as I hadn't tested it on mine before installing. Now I know :-)
Very happy with the product. Hope they'll release a S775 mount as well.

Slovenia tiborrr says:

Hey Teemto, thanks for the input. As for legacy sockets is concerned we will most likely be making a 'classic' mounting for it as there is no space for anything else with LGA-775 (socket ILM is not removable). Regards, Niko

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