HWBOT Prime Goes Beta - Bench everything from X86 to ARM to Mac or ... Raspberry Pi!

Founder, president, CEO, main developer, and general overlord of HWBOT, RichBa5tard has announced that the HWBOT Prime benchmark has just been bumped up from alpha to beta. From now on, you can submit you benchmark results to HWBOT and official rankings will keep track of the scores. The most interesting part about this benchmark is that the benchmark is open source, meaning anyone can suggest optimisations for the platforms. Obviously, the security module for submitting the result to HWBOT is not part of the open source code and the developer will decide which optimisations make it to the next build of the benchmark.

Now here is the kicker: this is not just another HWBOT benchmark. This is the first multi-platform benchmark at HWBOT! You can overclock and benchmark everything from X86-64 Windows to ARM and even your Mac. Stay tuned for Raspberry Pi overclocking competitions.

The goal of the bench is two-fold:

  • to serve as an example on how to use the HWBOT Data API and write your own benchmark
  • to provide a cross platform benchmark so we can compare and compete on Linux, mac, phones, tablets, etc.

To make this possible, we opted for java as language for this benchmark. While not the most elegant of languages, it does run on many platforms.


  • secure (encrypted data files)
  • save functionality
  • command line supported for headless systems
  • processor detection on all platforms
  • screenshot

The source code: https://github.com/frederikcolardyn/benchbot (includes everything to build HWBOT Prime, but the binary will not be able to communicate with the HWBOT server as the security module is private).

Download: click


  • 1) install Java JDK 6 or newer if not installed yet
  • 2) double-click jar or run via command line: java -jar hwbotprime.jar
  • Benchmark records: click

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