Overclockear Covers 5th Edition of the Intel Extreme Overclocking Workshop in Argentina

Not so long ago, we published a news article announcing the Intel Extreme Overclocking Workshop in Argentina. Overclockear attended (well, more like hosted) the gathering, gave a nice workshop and provided a bunch of interested ears an introduction to extreme overclocking. The article is in Spanish, so you'll have to use Google Translate or a dictionary to read up. But usually pictures say more than words, so we've selected the best ones for you!

If you want to read the report (and see more pictures): click.


Belgium Massman says:

Looks like a great event! A lot of interested people, good food and great overclocking :D.

GENiEBEN says:

The guy in the last pic is doing it right :D NO BSOD > NO FUN

Greece TASOS says:

GENiEBEN said: The guy in the last pic is doing it right :D NO BSOD > NO FUN


Yeap ... that's the correct method !!!

Argentina Patagonian says:

Thank you! This was the 5th year that we repeat this workshop with Intel and look forward to spreading the extreme overclock in Argentina.

Argentina nanigu says:

The workshop was amazing! It was my 3rd year there but I felt as excited as the first time I went there.
My extra pictures: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.316806741780148.1073741829.116003528527138&type=3

Argentina Manu_182OC says:

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to attend this year, nevertheless, both the 3rd and 4th edition were simply AMAZING. I am proud of being a member of such a great and friendly comunnity, where everyone is not only a forum user, but a real friend and companion. What do you guys think? Should we pull the 6th edition off next year? I'm really looking forward to it!

Argentina overRideOcar says:

my first workshop as a team member and it was great, the initiative to bring this country to overclock extreme is very important!!

Mexico mfranco702 says:

Excellent Job Patagonian.

Argentina ivanlabrie says:

No bsod no fun...yeah, that's my motto :D
The sticks didn't feel like doing over 2500mhz so I gave them hell.

United Kingdom 8 Pack says:

Not a decent sized Bicep among st em all!!!

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