[GBT Techdaily] Sofos1990 retakes single card world record after switching to GIGABYTE Z77X-UP5

Congratulations Sofos!

We reported about a new world record SniperOz from TeamAU took for the single GPU in 3DMARK11. He was beaten by a handful of points by sofos1990 from Greece to up the stakes from an intense weekend of benching with the new driver. Sofos1990 also switched from Asus mainboard to GiGABYTE to be able to achieve the score saying GIGABYTE was faster in 3DMARK11.

Next time you benching 3D, give GIGABYTE Z77 boards a try. “UP Series” of boards like UP5 used in this score sport a 60Amp MOSFET/CHOKE combination capable of delivering highest current and staying stable at big clocks. Physics score is a multithreaded CPU test in 3DMARK11 in case you were not aware. UP stands for Ultra Durable 5, you can read more about it over here!

Something tells me this battle between SniperOz of TeamAU and sofos1990 from HWBox Hellas OC Team isn't over yet! We’ll keep an eye on it.

Congrats Sofos!

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