MSI Introduces OC Certified Mainboards - Change the Game of Overclocking

MSI, the most popular overclocking brand is excited to introduce an all-new standard for overclocking stability. MSI's OC Certified standard is the new baseline for overclocking mainboards. the new MSI Z77 MPOWER, which is OC Certified, is submitted to a Military Class stress-test for overclocking. Where other motherboard manufacturers only test for a limited duration, MSI Z77 MPOWER is submitted to a 24 hour OC stress-test. Only mainboards surviving 24 hours of Prime95 while heavily overclocked. The conditions of the OC Certified test are rigorous high temperature, no airflow testing.


Christian Ney says:

Warranty void if OCed? :D

United Kingdom borandi says:

Nope - you break it, they replace it.

Germany der8auer says:

No offence but every board should survive a 24h prime test. If not it's pretty much shit :D

TaPaKaH says:

MSI can say anything they want in their marketing, but I doubt that regional distributors will start accepting boards with physical damage.
Besides, if they allow user to put 1.9Vcore in the CPU without any additional comments - it must mean that PWM must be capable of doing so for 2/3/5 years straight, no?

K404 says:

What's an OC certified board and how is it different to a board with OC options in BIOS? 24 hours of P95 is useless for us. Like Roman (kinda) said.... a £40 motherboard can do that. If a company wants to release an OC-certified board, I want to see them tested under LN2 conditions- not every board can handle -190 (R3E?,) not every board can handle 1.90v (some UD3H, 5H)

Belgium Massman says:

It's "OC" certified. Not "XOC" certified. Ability to handle LN2 is not included in the official, legal sense of the word certified.

Australia JJJC says:

I must admit, if I ever see the word overclock my mind immediately goes to LN2 now. :p

K404 says:

So.... the difference is that they'll replace a board damaged during overclocking. Nice touch, but they should make it clear that these are NOT OC-binned boards....

Australia Jimba says:

More manufactures need to start making making OC warranties and Extreme OC warranties at that :D

I will await extreme overclocked results to see how these boards really stack up.

Belgium leeghoofd says:

Looking forward to MSI's latest contribution to the scene. C'mon guys this is just marketing, alike all the stuff we previously have swallowed :)

I'm awaiting Marc' o'polo Beiers final verdict on this board... I just hope the bios is okayish !

United Kingdom borandi says:

"24 hour OC stress-test" So, 24hours P95 at 4.5G?

Belgium leeghoofd says:

Higher Performance means all OC Certified tests are run at 4.6 GHz CPU speed. The Enhanced PWM Cooling test ensures that, even without airflow in a high-temperature room (30°C) without airflow from a CPU cooler. Better Power Stability is tested by running Prime95 for 24-hours in these conditions.

United States xxbassplayerxx says:

"MSI, the most popular overclocking brand..."


TJB_SC says:


battlecryawesome says:

I ll pass. I ll pass on all msi boards,

United States l0ud_sil3nc3 says:

well I have to applaud the effort even the implementation may not be what we (subzero crowd) are looking for.

Good job MSI!

United States Bobnova says:

It's nice to see them appearing to try. But given the Lightning cards we know they know what serious OCing is about. They also RMA overclocked boards constantly, this looks sort of like the "OC Warranty" you can buy from Intel.

India thebanik says:

MSI definitely has been going in the right direction with the Z77 boards atleast. Though competition is definitely stiff.

Australia Dinos22 says:

How come they're using X79 for MOA finals if this is "OC certified"?

Australia JJJC says:

>Intel releases one of their best extreme benching chips ever. >MSI chooses one of the worst for live overclocking event.

United States l0ud_sil3nc3 says:

dinos22 said: How come they're using X79 for MOA finals if this is "OC certified"?

Only reason would be is that is the "enthusiast" class and not mainstream, however I thought for sure they would have used Z77, and not X79 but if 3DMark 11 will be heavily weighted in the comp. then maybe that's why they chose that platform.

Belgium leeghoofd says:

dinos22 said: How come they're using X79 for MOA finals if this is "OC certified"?

MSI does not think of Z77 as high end :D

Australia Uncle Fester says:

They considered z68 as high end last year for Moa ?

Belgium leeghoofd says:

GB preferred UD5 over UD9 at GOOC 2010, any logic in that ? Z68 was maybe more interesting technology back then then X58 ? Maybe MSI has got plenty of XPower II boards to trash :p Who knows and why is it important ?X79 is a bit more challenging in my book, no matter the platform the best of the best is present and will squeeze the last Mhz out of the parts. It will be megafun to watch !

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