Ninjalane Podcast - Diablo 3 and Game Demos What is Kickstarter and Prepping for MOA

Here's the latest Ninjalane podcast episode. The third part (starts around 23th minute) of the episode is about MOA and how it feels to be a participant. This is an interesting one!

Hosts: Dennis Garcia and Darren Mccain

Time: 37:03

Listen NOW

Prepping for MOA (MSI Master Overclocking Arena)

For the past few years MSI has sponsored an overclocking competition called MOA, or the Master Overclocking Arena. The competition is designed to find the best overclockers in the world place them in head to head competition with real cash prizes going to the winners. The process starts with a series of regional qualifiers with the top point leaders getting a free trip to Taipei Taiwan to compete in the finals.

The American qualifier starts April 13th 2012 and runs until May 11th 2012 with the top three point leaders getting a shot at the finals. Dennis is participating this year and talks about what he did to prepare for the competition.

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