GIGABYTE Tweak Launcher for new 7 series motherboard OC

Pretty nifty tool; should come in handy when trying to squeeze the max out of your config!

For those of you closely watching the 7 series motherboard launches together with Intel’s 3rd gen Core CPUs, you may have noticed in the 7 series MB OC guide that mentions the new GIGABYTE Tweak Launcher (GTL) utility.

GTL is meant as a quick and easy way to type in OC settings when inside a Windows environment. It’s not as flashy as EasyTune 6 with all it’s sliders, buttons, fan speed control, etc…, but that’s just the point: it’s for tweakers who know what settings they want to arrive at. This would be a great tool for overclocking teams who’s members are based in different locations and may be IMing settings to each other as they test common components.

GTL can be downloaded from the utilities section of the GIGABYTE website, or from the Downloads > Utilities option for each Z77 chipset based motherboard. For example, here’s the link for the Sniper M3 GTL download.


Canada Vinster says:

its about time... ET never worked right for me anyway except for looking at temps and playing with FAN speeds...

Germany Blackbolt says:

Is a very nice Tool:)

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