Uncorking KEPLER - practical guide for "beginners".

What an epic full mod guide for the Geforce GTX 680! Thanks, TiN!

During few days of our experience with overclocking EVGA GTX 680 cards with Vince I did some basic modifications which I can share with fellow overclockers who still remember how to hold soldering iron in hand.

Most of modifications are common between different GPU's so those who bench with extreme should be very familiar with measuring resistance, calculating proper VR value, checking if any shorts, finding ground and using DMM. So I would not go crazy details about every small thingy possible, but will give some notes and ideas how to deal with GTX 680 to reach max OC.


I was little bit busy with a lot of other things, so i did not go crazy with wiring, just bunch of AWG10 grounds and direct PCB-PCB connection for power.

Me and k|ngp|n tested about 6 GTX 680 cards, four of which we tried with EPOWER and got ~1600-1700MHz without problems with only 1.5-1.6V set by EVBOT on EPOWER with only -50 to -60°C container temperature. We pushed to max tonight and got 1900 MHz with some little voltage push and -150..-160°C. To be honest - that was one of best OC sessions ever with well deserved single card WR in 3Dmark11 P.

We would not stop at this and will push for moar in next days. Now time to have some rest and go sleep after week of 2-3 hrs sleep.

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